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Various Development Kits
(& EPROM carts and other interesting game hardware)
This is a collection of interesting, rare or unusual gaming hardware. I categorized it all as 'Development Kits' since a lot of it used in the development of games for various systems (but not all of it, like Turbo Grafx JAMMA board is just a rare arcade board). Also some rare versions of commercial systems will be listed here (like the Pepsi special edition of the Nintendo DS).
NES 'Mission Control'
Development System

Game Boy Wideboy
(Original Famicom version)

Atari Lynx Pinky
Development System
SNES 8-MEG EPROM Cartridge
Game Boy Color Wideboy
Atari Lynx custom-built
memory registry viewer
Nintendo 64 SN64 Dev Kit &
SN Maestro 64 Music Dev Kit
Game Boy Advance Wideboy
Sega Dreamcast 'Katana' Dev System & GD-ROM Writer
Game Boy Advance ProDG
Development Kit
Game Boy EPROM & Flash carts
Sega Dreamcast System Disc 2
(Game Boy Color Emulator)

Game Boy Test Cartridge
Turbo Grafx 16 JAMMA arcade board (Officially licensed product)
Game Boy Development
Software CDs
Game Boy Color Prototype
Sega Game Gear EPROM Cart
Sega 32X 32 MB EPROM Cartridge
Atari Cat Box Arcade Board tester
Atari Jaguar EPROM Cartridge
Here's some interesting modern hardware:
Xbox Hardware Refresh Disc
Nintendo DS Pepsi Limited Edition
Sony PSP Coca-Cola
Limited Edition
Sony PSP Mid-Niigata
Charity Edition