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Sony PSP Mid-Niigata Charity fund-raiser edition

On October 23rd, 2004 a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the Mid-Niigata area of Japan killing many people and injuring thousands. On November 23rd Sony announced that it would auction off 500 PSPs and donate all the proceeds to a charity helping those affected by the earthquake. The lucky winners would receive their PSPs on Dec 5th, 2004 (one week before the official release date on Dec 12th). The PSPs had a special custom version of the 1.0 firmware that would display the auction winner's name and a thank you message if you displayed the PSP Info screen. It was shipped with a slip cover (seen above) and a special card from Sony in it.

Here's the special card from Sony:

And this is what you see when you display the PSP Information:

Mine is 104 of 500. And, yes, that does say this PSP was won by Shigeru Miyamoto (the inventor of the NES and Game Boy systems). I'm still trying to find out the story of this... :)

Otherwise, it's just a normal PSP system with all the accesories: