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Turbo Grafx 16 official JAMMA arcade board
(Appears to be officially licensed by United Amusement.)

This is a Turbo Grafx 16 system that was converted to a JAMMA compatible format for use in an arcade game. (It actually, looks like it was manufactured for this purpose, as opposed to some of the other TG-16 JAMMAs I've seen that looked hacked onto a consumer TG-16 system.) I haven't had the chance to power this up and test it yet (my JAMMA cabinet is in storage...), so I'm not 100% sure exactly how it works. Notice there also appears to be an
S-Video connector wired directly to the JAMMA board...

It came with this wiring harness already attached. Maybe you could order it with a specific harness to match
the game you wanted to put it in...

Box. The system was manufactured by United Amusements in Los Angeles, CA.

And the warranty card. This seems to help prove that it is an officially
licensed product, not some bootleg...