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Nintendo Game Boy Advance ProDG
SN Systems complete development system

Nintendo approved development system for the Game Boy Color system created by SN Systems (who still make the ProDG for Playstation and Nintendo systems).

This system consists of a hard-wired Game Boy Advance that would connect (via an interface and SCSI cable) to the included SCSI card installed into a computer. You could then load your compiled game code directly into the GBA for testing. (The GBA appears to be a normal consumer unit with a slight modification for power.)

This is the manual, software and SCSI card that came with the package.

As I mentioned above, the GBA appears to be a normal commercial unit with a wired cartridge plugged into. Here's the inside of the cartridge itself:

The cartridge then connects to an interface box that would then connect to the computer itself. Here's the inside of the interface box: