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Atari Lynx Pinky/Mandy System
Development System
Circuit Board Part# CA400838-001
EPROM dated April 13th, 1990 (Checksum 1C6B)


This is the Pinky/Mandy System for the Atari Lynx. A cheaper alternative to the 'Howard' system, the Pinky appears to be just a RAM cartridge of sorts with a parallel interface to a computer.

Here's the inside of the box. The Sony chips are RAM chips, and there's an EPROM with what I'm assuming is control code to make the device work properly. It appears that it basically just loads the game code into the RAM chips, and then it emulates a cartridge into the attached Lynx System.

It connects directly to the cartridge port, with two other wires that are soldered to the main board of the Lynx.